The Perfect Christmas Gift (In my opinion).

Unfortunately, I think 3 days before Christmas is a little late to add this one to the list...but for those of you on a late shopping frenzy before Christmas, or those of you looking to buy a little treat for yourself...this would be my suggestion. Meet the Clarisonic Mia, the little baby....or perhaps cousin...of the original Clarisonic. 

It comes in a massive range of colours, and limited edition patterns...but my personal favourite one is the lavender. Plus, it matches with some of my favorite skincare products from Jurlique.

I am yet to jump upon the Clarisonic bandwagon, purely because of the £120 price point. Although I really think its about time I did now! I hear so many people raving about it. What are your opinions on the clarisonic??

The Clarisonic Mia in Lavender is available for £120 at Space N.K.

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