Perfume and the perfect makeup bag?

Have you ever thought about your perfect makeup bag? I mean your ideal, fantasy makeup which you could include whatever you wanted. I have, over and over again, and every time a new makeup product or brand ( :::cough::: ahem, burberry) it ends up in there too. Below, are my two ideal, perfect makeup bags. The first is by Celine (filled with Dior nail polish, YSL lipstick, Laura Mercier Body Lotions and Dior Perfume) and the second is by Longchamp (filled with chanel, clarins, dior, tom ford and nars).

I also wanted to share with you all my current perfumes that I'm lusting after. I've been making my way through sample bottles of these all week...and want them all. Preferably now.

1) Love Chloe

2) Miss Dior

3) Coco Mademoiselle (and Diptyque in the background)

What perfumes are you lusting over? and what brands would you include in your perfect makeup bag? x

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